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Our Company

SHELLING is an Italian company based in Robassomero (TO). It produces shredders on the basis of a thirty years experience combined with the most advanced techniques of engineering and manufacturing. It is characterized by attention to details in its products and carries out his research focusing them on the needs of customers, not only in technical terms but with the aim to minimize the variable costs associated with the use of the

It is also important to emphasize that Shelling has always adopted a policy of
“oversizing “ of the machines, in terms of thicknesses and textures of the materials
used, so as to achieve the maximum reliability

The MAC is the result of an engineering and technical research that arises from the need to build an effective grinder, limiting at most costs and maintenance time.
Its high efficiency is based on the principle of the flywheel. The latter exploits the kinetic forces of the same products inserted inside the grinding chamber to be crushed, which are not only disintegrated and decomposed by the tool (chain), but collide with each other thanks to the vortex created, with a consequent increase in the production and minimizing the wear.

Our goal

Our goal is to build each day , more and more efficient and reliable products, to impress the customer with the performance of our machines.

Why choose us?

The MAC is the result of an engineering research and technology that arises from the need to build an effective grinder mill, minimizing costs and maintenance time.

Our added value

The Shelling provides the customer with efficient after sales service. Skilled technicians with mobile workshops are able to perform all maintenance and repairs also at the customer’s premises.

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